It was around 1991, that an award was introduced for the Club Person of the Year.

Any member of the club is eligible for the award. The award acknowledges a person's contribution to the club, or an achievement which is of special merit. Members cast their votes at the club AGM.

The achievement does not have to be for running. There are plenty of awards in the club for achievements in that field!

Members have been awarded for supportive or constructive work which has assisted the club. For example, when the HQ was kitted out, or improved different members were recognised for the work which they had put in.

To my mind, this award places the important social and back-up side of the club. In fact, the President's shield is for the Club Person of the Year. One of the strengths of our club is its social side; our friendliness.

Richard Brown - Club President.

2011 Club Person of the Year

Congratulations to Anna Willard who was nominated

Club Person of the Year 2011.

Trophy was presented by Alf Hills Honorary Vice President.